With ReelTrak you get…

Original songs in the best digital and uncompressed sound quality available on the market.

Easy access to downloading music to bring everywhere you go on most devices for work and pleasure.

An intuitive and user-friendly interface which offers you the possibility of finding and exploring new layers and work creatively with music.


… with more to come!

  • Shop for purchasing songs
  • One-Click Buy
  • Play, pause and stop a song
  • Fast forward and rewind functions
  • Master volume + individual volume
  • Loudness Control (R128 standard)
  • Create playlists
  • Player for playback of songs
  • Loop a certain part of the song
  • Mute/solo individual stems
  • Drag’n’drop function for sorting of stems
  • Change colour of individual stems
  • Transpose to another key
  • Change tempo
  • Insert comments for individual stems
  • EQ, distortion, reverb, delay of individual stems *
  • Save mix to a new file (MP3 or Wave format) *
  • Tap tempo/generate click track *
  • Create set lists for live execution in ReelTrak Live *

The ReelTrak App, version 1.0, is available for OS X, iOS and Windows **

* Features to be included in version 1.1
* * The Windows version is released in spring 2016


ReelTrak provides the exact sound created by the producer
– without impairing the sound quality!

Featured Artists

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“ReelTrak is an amazing tool for audio designers. As music is sold in stems and the highest possible resolution, we will be able to implement and mix original music into the films produced at Nordisk Film to a greater extent. Naturally, the flexibility of being able to let the music play as a backdrop to the dialogue in a film paves the way for new possibilities, and this means that in future we will use much more original music produced in Denmark in our films.”
Steffen Addington - Head of, Nordisk Film Audio and Edit.
“In our daily work, ReelTrak resolves a great deal of challenging issues for us in relation to the children’s musical activities. The new school reform means that we as teachers have less time for music class preparation, including ensemble playing. It will be a dream come true when we are able to buy original multitracks for educational and ensemble purposes”
Brian Lauridsen - Music Teacher, The elementary school in Vildbjerg
“Thanks to the ReelTrak platform, in future the advertising industry will to a much higher degree use original music instead of placing an order with a producer for a song that is similar to the original version.”
Søren Lund, Award-winning art director and musician for e.g. Mads Langer and Aqua.