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You are able to download the application here.

The difference between HQ and MP3 is the quality of the songfile. HQ stands for “High Quality” and which is the original songfile.
MP3 is the compressed version of the original songfile.

A bundle is an exclusive package, which can contain both Stems and stereo songs and bonus materials such as lyrics, artwork and notes etc.

You read about the Stems information in our webshop for the individual songs.
If you click on an album in the Stems section a dropdown will appear that contains information about, which instruments there are in the song,
samplerate, bitrate, filesize and the length of the song.

On our application you are able to get an overview over your purchased songs. Double click on a song, when it starts playing click on ‘Player’ in the navigation bar.
In the Player you can see how the songs are split up into groups. See the Player Functions here.

When you purchase a song on our webshop, you can get an overview over your purchased songs under My Music.
However, you are not able to click on the songs and play them from our web, since it is downloaded to your computer.

You can only play the songs on our ReelTrak application or your own musicprogram.

When you buy a song on our webshop, the song will be downloaded to your computer.
It will be saved in your Download file, unless you choose to save it on a specific area on your computer.

The reason why you are not able to see your song on the application,
which you have purchased from the webshop is because it is not saved in the right place.
However, if you buy a song at Shop in the application, it will automatically be saved in the right place
and it will be shown in your My Music page.

In order to add your song to the My Music page on the ReelTrak application, you need to take the entire song file that you have downloaded and place it at
Home > Music > Reeltrak > Purchased > “Place your song file here” .

You will now see the song in your My Music page.

You are able to sort your Stems in the order you want
by drag’n’drop the tracks. See the other Player Functions here.

You can change the color of the individual Stems by using the color palette.
In order to make the color palette appear, press the bar on the left side of your tracks.
See the other Player Functions here.

Stems designates separate mix of music production, often called “groups” or “submix”. With stems you can isolate some roles in the music, such as drums, vocals or guitar and listen to the parts.
The possibility of dividing and explore the layers of music can be used in a variety of contexts, from teaching to remix.

You can transpose to other keys, by clicking the Transpose buttons in the Playbar. The Transpose buttons change the key of a semitone at a time.
We have predefined the Stems that are transposed. For example, drums, percussion and click tracks are not transposed by default.
However, you can easily change those settings in the info panel, placed in the left side of the application. See the other Player Functions here.

In order to use the loop function in the Player you need to use the cursors A B, in the areas you want to loop and click on the loop icon on the Playbar.
If you want to stop the loop, you need to click on the same loop icon again. See the other Player Functions here.

The Player Functions only exist on our ReelTrak application. See our installation guide here.

If your application does not work on your computer, you should check if you have the proper software version installed.
The ReelTrak application requires that you have installed the software version OS X 10.11.0+ on your computer.

Yes, in order to buy a song in our Shop you need to login.
If you don’t have an existing account at ReelTrak, you first need to sign in as a new user.

When the ReelTrak application is downloaded on your computer, it will be stored in your download file.
You need to install the application first, in order to use it. See the installation guide here.

Your Stems and Stereo songs are automatically placed in your ReelTrak file.
You need to choose Home > Music > ReelTrak > Purchased in your Finder.

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