Player Functions

An intuitive and easy interface that allows you to discover and explore
new layers, and work creatively with the music.



The basic features like Play, Pause, Fast forward / backward and Master Volume is placed in the Playbar at the bottom of the application, for easy and quick access.


You have the option to loop a selected area of the song.

Use the cursors A B on the area you wish to loop.
Then press the loop icon in play bar

Solo / Mute

You have the ability to solo / mute individual Stems.


You are able to sort your Stems
in the order you want by drag’n’drop the tracks.

Coloring your Stems

You can change the color of the individual Stems.
Press the bar on the left side of your tracks to see the color palette.


You can transpose to other keys, by pressing the Transpose buttons in the Playbar. The Transpose buttons change the key of a semitone at a time.

We have predefined the Stems that are transposed. For example, drums, percussion and click track are not transposed by default. However, you can easily change those settings in the Info panel, placed in the left side of the application.